Customer Change Request Form

KO Welcomes Your Change Request

GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK- Here are a few tips to get your request done quickly and accurately (updated February, 2015):

  • Please add the website URL ( to the site?that you want edited in the “Web page” field.
  • In you’re editing instructions, please include the URL of the page being edited, for example,
  • If you would like to include an image, PDF, or other form of attachment in your request, we have supplied you with a browse button for your convenience. There, you can select a file, and it will upload when you send your request. Zip/compressed files can be sent for multiple file uploads.
  • Have questions about what to put in the form? You can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you! You are also welcome to give us a call if you would like to clarify anything in the changes. However, we don’t accept?change requests via the phone. Email requests may be delayed.

NOTE 1:?Our staff is?not responsible for proofreading changes. Please check your text before sending, otherwise grammatical and?spelling errors may be posted.

NOTE 2:?If you have one change for every page, just send one request stating,?“Change XYZ on all pages.” Otherwise, organize your website changes by web page?to?help?speed up the editing process.

NOTE 3: Your request is placed in our project management task queue within one business day of receipt. Our typical turnaround time is currently 1-3 work days. We will advise you when the change has been?made and is live. If this change is urgent, call?us or leave a message if after hours.

Change Request

  • Please include the following info: What web site and page(s) are being edited? What are we to edit? Please follow directions to the left (above on mobile device):
  • If you need to send more than one file please compress them into one file to attach. If you do not have a compression software we recommend WinRAR
  • Accepted file types: zip, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx.